35 Years Experience

Vander Zalm Welling Drilling has been serving the Niagara Region’s water well and well services needs with over 35 years of local and international water development experience!

Our Services

Vander Zalm Drilling has many well and water related services. We offer Water Delivery, Drilling Wells, Pump Installation and Repairs, Indoor Water Systems, Well Repairs, Decommissioning of Wells.

Well Services

Need a checkup on your well or your well pump?
We also provide well repair and maintenance services for the surrounding cities in the Niagara region!

Call us for a free cost estimate for a well drilled in your area.

Our Partners & Community

Wells of Hope has successfully drilled many deep-water wells in these water-starved communities, ranging in depth from six hundred to one thousand two hundred feet. As a result, there are now tens of thousands of Guatemalans receiving reliable, clean water directly to their homes. Where there was once no hope, people’s lives have changed dramatically.

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